Music Mondays - 23.01.17

By Kudi Maradzika.


I used to hate Mondays.

This was until I realized that the only way to beat the Monday blues is to listen to music and boy-oh-boy do we have some great new tracks for you!

DISCLAIMER: Some of these tracks have been around for a few months,  I’m not in anyway claiming to know them all so if you have suggestions, send them to to

Happy Monday!



Artist: SZA

Track: Drew Barrymore (E)

My cousin introduced me to SZA’s Warm Winds two years ago and I’ve never looked back. ‘Somebody get the taco’s'! This track is everything you need on a Monday and after a few listens you'll understand what it's really about!


Artist: Loyle Corner

Track: Florence (feat Kwes.)

This London MC, musician and actor is so fresh! Favourites from his new album include the mellow yet intimate Florence and Damselfly (feat Tom Misch). Kwes provides some soothing vocals that make this track hit home. The self titled album track 'Yesterday's Gone' is also such a good track. Here's a review of the whole album.


Artist: Jain

Track: Makeba

So much kick in this music! Frenchwoman Jain first came to our attention with her catchy track ‘Makeba' mid last year. The rest of her album doesn’t disappoint and is full of even catchier Afro-groove tunes like Mr Johnson and widely heard Come. Check out her track Makeba below.


Artist: Jorja Smith

Track: Blue Lights

New artist Jorja Smith’s track ‘Blue Lights’ has been around since last year but it's worth another mention. This track has all the punchy catchiness of 90’s hip hop with contemporary vocals and message of hope. Also, what a spectacular video!


Artist: Rag and Bone Man

Track: Human 

Could it be the bass guitar and the melodious voice or is it just the assured steady staccato of the song? I’m not sure, but this song is great and you'll definitely be hearing more of it over the next few months!


Artist: Sampha Sisay

Track: (No one knows me) like the piano.

Be warned, if you're sentimental and romantic this song will make you shed a tear or two. You'll remember Sampha from Solange's Don't Touch My Hair video. This British producer has also collaborated with Jessie Weare and Kanye West. This track however is singularly spectacular.

Happy Monday!

Hey Kudisco!