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gut health, supplements you should consider and THE MOTHERSHIP…

YOU’VE GOT TO LOVE: 💕Into The Gloss for always showing us the best and newest before anyone else. Speaking of this, check out their review of the best nail colours for the season hot off the heels of fashion weeks. There’s jewel greens, purples and gold colours….all my favourites! Read more here.

I’M A SUPPLEMENT WHORE: Or at least used to be until I realised I would have to streamline what I was taking so that the supplements were making my life easier as opposed to a lengthy ritual of pill-popping. I realised the importance of supplements when I upped my training but this was after a lot of reading online. Check out this article that breaks down exactly what you need depending on how much exercise you do. Read here.

GUT HEALTH👟: Is more than a buzz word. Its a state of being for most people, or at least a state of wanting to be. With so much research done that continuously points to gut health as the basis of ALL health, you’d be surprised how easy it is to upset your stomach. But there’s always camel milk right? Don’t believe me? Read more here.

THE MOTHERSHIP V : It has landed and this fifth edition of Pat McGrath’s incredible pigment-rich colour palette is even better and more out of this world. Plus, she offers some great tutorials on her instagram page. See more here. I need to get a T-shirt that says ‘I love Pat McGrath’.

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The gear we wished we owned.

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I can’t quite remember the first time I got drunk. Maybe it was when my cousins and I stole sips of wine from our mother’s glasses at one of the numerous family parties. I remember feeling especially giddy and spent the rest of the night in a fit of giggles. Maybe it was when I lost a bet in high school and I had to sip gross beer from the opaque bottle of I guy I liked. 

By Kudi Maradzika. READ MORE.



Current favorite beauty picks.

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel


Fenty Morrocan Spice Palette


Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon.


Summer Friday Exfoliating Overtime Mask


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A salad recipe to cheer up any dreary day and make you think of the next exotic adventure. The Last Days of Summer Salad


/ FOOD/ :

A recipe for guilt free carrot cake that will make you wish everyday was cheat day.



IT’S ALL ABOUT: 💕Gloss and glitter at fashion weeks from New York to Paris. I mentioned Tom Ford’s high gloss drama but nothing prepared me for Miu Miu’s cute glitter eye lids or Versace’s bold metallic looks. Its seems bold eyes are the next big thing. Check out Vogue’s full report here.

FRANCESCA HAYWARD 💅🏾: At just 26 years old, Francesca Hayward has become a household name as the principal dancer of the Royal Ballet. Born in Kenya to an English father and Kenyan mother, Francesca is breaking down barriers in the world of dance. See more here.

P.E NATION 👟: With looks as cool as a cucumber and a vibe that’s trendy and youthful, active streetwear brand P.E Nation seems to hit all the right notes with their functional and trendy workout gear. The brand's range of street-meets-sportswear has expanded to include technical activewear, retro-inspired streetwear, footwear, and accessories. 2018 has seen the introduction of menswear, new boxing, yoga, swim, and denim capsules. See more here.

SCI FI THEMES 😙: Ruled the Paris runway with Nicholas Ghesquière’s nostalgic ode to sci-fi. I love sci-fi more than anyone else, so when it shows up on runway looks I can’t help but be impressed. With a touch of androgyny and a strong dose of unabashed futurism, this was a lot of fun. The future is Vuitton. See more looks here.



Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 19.57.14.png


NO KA ’OI is a ‘Made in Rilievi’ brand. That combines sportswear with super futuristic textures, cuts and lines. You’ll wish you owned a piece. Check out their site here


From the sleek rich-bitch look Tom Ford served to the pastel hair at the Marc Jacobs show, New York Fashion Week served up such dope looks. My favourite? Rodarte’s flowers and Mansur Gavriel’s miniature flowers pastels, nude tones and hints of yellow.


Sorry, I can’t stop, won’t stop talking about these make up looks because I’m so impressed, you know the Tom Ford rich bitch look? I want that! Short bob, glasses and gloss! Yaaaas! New York Times calls it the ‘Resistance to Streetwear’, I just call it dope. Read more here.


Wait….there’s more, in the final indulgent mention of NYFW, the pastel hair at the Marc Jacobs show. I did a survey on my instagram stories and between Smurf blue and pink, you all want pink hair! The genius behind all these looks? Redken Global Colour Creative Director Josh Wood. Check this ‘you’re so extra’ look out here.


The difference between people who are doing what you want to do and you is that they're actually doing it

- Jane Rubio-


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