This woman designed the Women's March logo



"My intention was to get involved...I use my design to protest."


The Women's March has come and gone and the dust has begum to settle on what was and will always remain a monumental moment in women's and humanity's history.

If you Google 'Women's March' right now, you'll see one pervasive image. During the march you may have noticed the same image an illustration of three women, one in red, one in blue and one in white all standing side by side in unison.

Here it is again...

Image courtesy of Nicole LaRue

Image courtesy of Nicole LaRue

The above image was designed by Nicole La Rue and in this Hey Kudisco! exclusive, we spoke to this amazing creative whose work literally made history.

Hey Kudisco!: Hi Nicole, so at what point did you realize that your work had become synonymous with such a historical march and that its symbolism had become larger than life?

Nicole LaRue: It was just a few days after the initial logo pitch to the Women's March organizers that I realized my logo was chosen to represent the march itself. Its taken some time to realize how important and widespread the symbol has actually become. I definitely started to realize it when I was at the march in D.C.! 

Hey Kudisco! Was this ever your intention?

Nicole La Rue: My intention was just to get involved. To try to make a difference with my strengths. And since I don't always have the art of words, I use my design to protest. 

Hey Kudisco! I think this is a huge deal! How did this make you feel and how did people around you react?

NicoleLaRue: I felt crazy proud. I never expected to be part of something so important and with such a big impact. And the people around me were brilliant and actually made me feel and believe that this was, indeed, something truly momentous.

Hey Kudisco! It really is! How has this changed your life?

NicoleLaRue: It's kind of changed the trajectory of my design really. Already I'm involved in several activist related design and illustration projects. I feel like I've been given this crazy gift and now I want to do something with it!

Image courtesy of Nicole LaRue. Site details below.

Image courtesy of Nicole LaRue. Site details below.

HeyKudisco! What sort of work do you hope to produce in the future?

Nicole LaRue: I'd like to continue the momentum of where the Women's March has led and is leading people. I would love for what I produce in the future to have more impact and meaning and carry the message of empowerment in the most positive of ways. 


"I, too, had always thought I could or would never make a difference. Truly. But I no longer believe that."


Hey Kudisco! What message can you impart to your women out there who feel that they are too small to make an impact?

NicoleLaRue: I, too, had always thought I could or would never make a difference. Truly. But I no longer believe that. Every single person who attends a march or a protest or donates or creates visible art is counted. We can't create mass without every single individual. Every voice counts. Every. Single. Voice. So never stop fighting!

We are inspired and moved to do just that Nicole!

For more information on Nicole check out her amazing work and site here

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