Weekly Picks



New Year, new discoveries and new content. So far my online surfing has led me like a magpie to a cult hit brand Glossier. It's so new in any place out of the States that it remains a mystery where I can get some...do you know?

I'm also getting back into art with Pre-Raphaelite portraits of Parisien women from Auguste Toulmouche,a painter from the 1890's. I've also discovered gemstones again. Even one called Labradorite...yes, like the dog.  Funny how this is a thing when only geeks used to collect them in high school 😂 (I was one of them). Lastly I cannot get enough of stills of water and reflections. I don't know why but I'm obsessed with the pattern of light and gorgeousness that this makes. Lastly, the beautiful work of Gwen Weustink. So much pretty!

Natasha MaraComment