On Self Love



I'm pretty hard on myself. Who isn't? I take things way too much to heart at times and ruminate over events after they have passed wishing I had said something different, approached the matter differently. This is when the conversation in my heads cuts back and forth between my inner child and my adult self. I call myself names and get frustrated about how I didn't 'do better'. Whilst another more mature voice urges me to breathe and calm down. 

It's this that the School of Life describes as a way to adapt to the pressures of the modern world, a sort of self-flagellation if you will. It is this 'difficult art of self compassion' where we 'learn to tell ourselves off for our own failures'. Almost it seems as if we are so afraid of an outside voice telling us we are inadequate, we do the chiding for ourselves.


"So good are we at this so good are we at this that we’re sometimes in danger of falling prey to an excessive version of self-criticism — what we might call self-flagellation".



So what do we do? How do we reach the balance? How do we love ourselves and allow ourselves to be whole yet flawed? Everyone says 'practise self-care', but what is that anyway?  Well, that's something I am figuring out along the way in the hopes that in doing so I'm allowing myself the freedom to be, whilst giving those I interact with a break as well. After all, we''re only human.

Here are a few guides on self love from Girlboss with art by Joe Yu. Beautiful illustration that we should all save, print and keep to remind ourselves that even though it may not always seem like it, everyone, including ourselves are always trying our best.

So give yourself and everyone else you meet a break once in a while.


Work, Wellness, Beauty and Balance.


Sourced from Girlboss. Original illustration by Joe Yo.