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Image by Mark Wijsman. Copyright Hey Kudisco Blog. 2017.

Image by Mark Wijsman. Copyright Hey Kudisco Blog. 2017.

Nothing quite like bumping into that mean girl from junior school, or that high school crush in the supermarket and having to duck and dive behind the aisles because you weren’t quite put together that day!

But just how quickly can one diffuse a whack fashion time bomb or stop one in the first place? How do you become a closet queen who never looks less than perfect out of the house? No more bad mom jeans and no more ill-fitting tops that are best suited for the maternity wear department!

You think you're styling but are you? #BadMomJeans

You think you're styling but are you? #BadMomJeans

Here are a few tips to help you look good, feel good and slay that outfit, every.single.time!

1.    Loving your body shape is great, but it doesn’t mean being a sloth though! Make sure the clothes fit and fit right. 'Fit right' doesn't mean unbearably tight or short either! The children's clothing section and the adults' are kept separate for a reason!

2. Don’t buy clothes according to trends and magically try and morph your body shape to suit that trend.Those dresses are not for everyone. Just love yourself honey, don't give "too much fashion"!

Tell 'em Andre!

Tell 'em Andre!

3.  Organize your wardrobe....Okay, okay! I heard those eye-rolls! Look, I know this sounds tedious and so boring, but once your’e done you really will thank me! Take out all the clothes you don’t wear and keep the ones you do wear. Give them away to friends or the needy. You don't need as much stuff as you think you do.

4. Colour code your wardrobe, no matter how small the collection is. Why? Well you have to be able to find what you're looking for and what better way to do so than through colours?  Besides, it then becomes easier to assign a colour to a day. Hate Mondays? Wear grey! Have a date on Friday? Wear red...see? So much easier!

5. Shelve your bags neatly where you can see them. Also make hooks for your jewelry and have rows of shoes. Never pile anything on top of anything else in other words. That's the quickest way to overlook great pieces in your wardrobe, great pieces which could take your outfit from zero to 100 very fast! 

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6. But wait...shh! The BIGGEST secret to always slay your outfits is to lay all 5 outfits out for the day on Sunday? Its like meal planning, but for your outfits. This is laying out the outfit from top to bottom including all your accessories, bangles, rings, necklaces, handbags and shoes. Everything!

7. Always have a pair of pumps to walk around the office, but remember when your leave your house and the office the world is your runway! So even if you don't feel Monday's outfit you can swap it for Tuesday's!

The above tips also ensure that you will never be late again!

And here we thought people that always had great outfits didn't put much effort into it! Yeah right!

BTW, your Friday outfit must always work for the night. Keep a change of heels and a night-time clutch in your car boot or bag just in case, after all who knows where you'll end up on Friday!

Now go on with your bad self...

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