It's time to hit those #GOALS!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘not another article on news years goals’! Nah, you’d be wrong.

 This article isn’t about making those goals. Goals are easy to make. Putsy. You can make them in your sleep or drunkenly shout them out too loud to your friend on New Year’s Eve as the year rolls out. Those bold declarations of ‘my life is going to change this year’, only for life to stubbornly stay exactly where it is. Tsk, tsk, tsk #ShakesHead. If I sound judgemental it’s because I am. We can both do better than that right?

What’s this I hear? ‘Sticking to goals is hard'? LOL, of course it’s hard! On my first day of trying to go dairy and allergy free, I ended up eating more cheese than I ever have because it suddenly dawned on me that I wouldn’t eat dairy for a while! Talk about self-induced FOMO!

We are creatures of habit. The moment we need to break out of these comfortable habits we freak out…and eat cheese! But habit forming is precisely how you can smash goals this year better than the Hulk. So by the end of the year we won’t feel the same way we did at the end of 2016.

Which to remind you was a little like this.


Coincidentally the only people whose 2016 was great, is these guys. 

See what I mean about those goals guys?

Okay so before we break it down, we need to figure out what we did wrong in 2016. My personal Ditch List, (that’s supposed to be a ‘D’ not a ‘B’…focus!) includes the following:

No More Drama:

Whether it’s a toxic relationship, a job you don’t like or just plain old other’s people’s drama be done with it, wash your hands of this right now. Let the negativity fly far-far away to Never-Should've-Given-A-Damn Land!

You hear that? That’s the sound of your FREEDOM! With bad vibes Doomed out of the way you can focus on finding your own voice.

Stop Trying Too Hard:

It’s not your business to help people ‘get’ you. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea, neither is everyone else yours and THAT’S OK. So why are we trying so hard to be liked by everyone? Maybe you aren’t but I certainly was in 2016…until I got tired.

You see trying to please everyone drains you of your ability to be yourself. How in the name of all things possible are you supposed to smash goals when you can’t even be yourself? No, no, no sweetie…No…just No!



So we’ve identified the things we did wrong and the lessons learnt. Now for the fun stuff!

1.       What do I want?:

First thing is figure out what you want. Keep your goals feasible. In other words don’t expect to look like a supermodel by the end of the year and have a gorgeous house in Clifton overnight, (unless of course you already do, in which case congrats! You've won real-life Monopoly!).

Figure out if your goal is something you can do over weeks, months or if it’ll take a year or two. You’re the best judge of your own pace. Once you have formulate an action plan. This breaks down in step by painstaking step what you need to do to reach your end result.

If this part sounds boring and unnecessary you’re absolutely right! It absolutely is. But patience is the only way you'll get what you want. That and Samurai-like focus. 

2.       Be prepared to Fail:

'What? There's failure involved! That sucks!'. Relax. This is the boring part that no one has patience for, but be prepared for initial progress to be a lot slower. than you anticipated. So for example if you want to learn how to surf, be prepared not only to spend time learning how to do so, but also be prepared for the possibility that you won’t be very good at it…at all. But don’t give up! That 10 000 Hour Rule isn't altogether inaccurate.

3.       Check Yo’Self!:

By that I mean monitor your progress constantly. Remember that boss action plan? Don’t stop looking at it and don’t stop seeing how you are measuring up to your own expectations. If you aren’t doing too well don’t hesitate to pace things out a little more. You aren’t running a race with anyone else but yourself.

4.       Celebrate Milestones:

At every significant point of achievement take time to celebrate. This isn’t necessarily about a  binge-drink night out with the girlfriends, it’s mostly a moment of reflection. This is also a great way to trick those dopamine receptors in your brain that what you're doing is a good idea! If they're happy, you will be too! Also, if you can get this far think of what else you can do! You’ve got this!

5.       Be prepared to Fail...again:

Most people give up just as they are about to achieve their goals. On the cusp and quarter to of Greatness! Problem is, this life thing doesn’t exactly come with Google Alerts so you’re likely to want to want to call it quits…but don’t. Don’t underestimate your capacity to affect the change you want in your life if you set your mind to it. Focus.

6.       Share:

Tell people about your goals. By 'tell' I don’t mean overshare endlessly and pointlessly, (to people who don't care anyway) on Facebook, I mean find someone who loves you enough to hold you accountable for the things you say you’ll do for yourself. So if you’re slacking or discouraged they’ll be right there to help you back on track. Just be a good friend and return the favor someday.

2017 was never ready!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to do follow my advice and do an action plan of how I’m going to try and avoid dairy for the rest of the year.

What are your goals for the year? I'd love to know!

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