Get Your Side Hustle On


See stars, dollar signs and anything else you want this year, because this is the year you get a side hustle. 💵💵 Don't know how or what-the-what? Keep reading. 😊


Me with my side hustle glow and pout.As if! 😂😂

When I was 10 years old I decided to start a side business selling sugared popcorn 🍿 at junior school. I bought my inventory and spread the word around the playground. By the end of break-time I had only sold one packet...which I had bought. Dejected and annoyed I ate the rest of the inventory over the course of the next week. Even though I was hardly successful, I had unknowingly stumbled on the side-hustle. The magical source of extra cash that we all need.

Apart from trust fund children on billionaires, everyone is always in need of some extra cash. "But I have a job", I hear you say, well, imagine this. Your company is suddenly bought by a mergers and acquisitions team. Overnight your fate has been decided by a powerful strangers in a boardroom. What now?


There's a side hustle for everyone.



True, but not all side hustles are created equal and depending on the skills you've acquired over the years, your ability to roll in the cash maybe limited. So for example, that Accounts elective you took in university can be channeled into a part time book-keeping job you do after hours.

That journalism major can become a part time content creation or social media management job. Those drama classes, can be channeled into voice-over work. You get the drift right? If you learned a skill, you can find a side hustle a lot easier than you think.

So what happens if you slept throughout university, have no job experience and no skills. Odds are you still have a very valuable thing. You have time and as the old adage says, time is money and if you're wasting it, you're wasting potential income.


Where do you start? Gumtree and Indeed always have great listings for part time, flexi jobs that can make you extra cash.



Want more than a side hustle?


The dream is for the side-hustle to become the main hustle. Sadly most side hustles don't warrant consistent or adequate enough income to do so. This doesn't mean you can forget about one day managing your own time and money, it just means you need to plan a lot better. Whether your side hustle is a blog (hey there! 😉) or a small business selling vintage clothes, this basically means that you need to start treating your side hustle like a business. Like any business you need a solid business plan, KPI's, a goal and yeah....and profit.

That's right, you need it to make as money as the time and effort your putting in by a certain time. If not, you need to be prepared to cut your losses and move on. Getting this right however takes time and won't happen overnight. If your objective is to make your side hustle your main hustle then you need to need to be prepared to fail a few times, but you need to be persistent and determined to succeed no matter what.

So where do I start?



Start where you are and with what you have. From a research assistant to taking surveys, here are a few places you can start.


VIBE: Easy Ka-ching.

Fancy yourself a teacher? You don't really need to to take part on this site. As mentioned earlier, everyone has a skill in something and on Udemy you get to share your skill with people who want to learn it. From teaching English to teaching people how to cook, there's people out there who want to learn and you can teach them.

Buy and resell:

VIBE: Easy Ka-ching

The easiest way to make cash is to sell something with a clear profit margin attached. And whilst selling things, popcorn in my case, maybe a little more time consuming, it is a sure way to guarantee a source of income. Just make sure you have clear demand for what you're selling and also make sure you sell at appropriate times. Everyone thought the Tupperware sales lady at work was annoying. There's also Shopify and Society6 for artists who want to sell their artwork.



VIBE: Not So Easy Ka-ching.

You might think its a joke when you see people recording their every move and 'vlogging', but YouTube is big business, particularly if you're doing something unique and different. In other words there is an entire audience out there who may be interested in the rather mundane and strange details of your life. Case in point a Youtube star in Japan who people follow just to see her eat.  Sure, starting a channel requires some investment and sure this is only something you get a return on investment in much late.

But if you get it right, odds are you get it very right. Part of most people's reluctance to start YouTube channel lies in the following. For South African content creators the pool of people watching is too small, but remember, there have been cross-over superstars which means anyone with great content can do the same.

Brand Ambassadors

VIBE: Easy Ka-ching and Free Sh*t

We live in the age of influencers where people with huge online followings or even relatively large followings are making huge amounts of money as brand ambassadors. All you need to display is a certified amount of influence and a following on 5K+ on Instagram and brands will want to work with you. Check out sites like Fohr Card or Webinfluential if this is you.

Now what?



For real though. Go get paid.


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