Thunder Struck With Puma



Braamfontein is already the coolest square kilometre in Johannesburg and it’s got even cooler with the addition of Dassler’s. With a back entrance as secretive as platform 9 3/4, Dassler’s is one of Braamfontein’s hidden gems and Puma’s trendy courtyard. It’s a functional setting that lends itself to whatever social mood arises. It’s not surprising then, that this setup has acted as an exclusive secret concert or photography pop-up venue more than once.

The cafe is named after Puma's German founder Rudi Dassler. Puma is already a cool, trendy brand but places like Dassler’s make us remember how this innate cool can translate into a relaxed city getaway with subtle decor details that include sphinx-like Puma porcelain cats and local artwork.

Dassler’s is perfect for a an evening drink with friends with some delicious cafe food. Be sure to look out for the R990 'Dylan's grilled cheese sandwich' which comes with a pair of Puma sneakers of course. Be sure not to miss the Puma Select Courtyard sessions that happen at Dassler’s every First Thursday. Register here.

I got to model some new Puma shoes including the Lavender Puma Thunder Spectra’s. I loved these shoes! The Lavender Puma Thunder Spectra’s are fun and super playful and make you feel like an ultra-trendy cartoon with comfortable cushioned feet. The shoe features a chunky upper sole that sits atop an extra-thick midsole and features a pull tab on both the tongue and the heel of the shoe. The Puma Thunder Spectra line is the brand’s chunky, on-trend sneaker that was created partly as a homage to Puma’s past collaborations with Alexander McQueen.

Inspired by 90s Cell System running silhouettes and the Puma x McQueen collaboration, the style is a reimagined pair of kicks with a bulky, unapologetic look and feel. The exaggerated tooling, the blown-up proportions and the loud colour blocking reserve a spot for the Thunder on the feet on fun-seekers, trendy influencers and street fashion images.

Special thanks to Matt Suttner from Sly Creative and 72 Photography for making this shoot magic.

Dassler's, C / O Melle De Short Street,