I recently met top beauty blogger TAMRYN SHER to talk about beauty and what it takes to be a BOSS BABE.


Q. What is beauty to you?

A. Beauty is realness and rawness, not perfection. I find it beautiful chatting to women with an inspiring story, someone who makes you think and motivates you to take action. Real women are beautiful, we just need to start owning our narrative and changing what beauty looks like in Africa.

Q. Why is skin care so important to you?

You'll wear your skin for the rest of your life and your skin gives away your age. I had problematic skin as a teenager and still encounter the odd hormonal breakout but I take care of my skin as best I can. I do this by using the best skincare products I can afford, not popping pimples when they do occur and spending minimal amounts of time in the sun.

Q. What new products are you most excited about?

Skincare brands are doing the most at the moment! I've seen that environ is launching a set of skincare capsules which promise to add  moisture to the skin as well as having anti-aging properties. Elizabeth Arden has launched a visible difference moisturising gel which feels velvety soft on the skin and a brand called AQ has recently launched an anti-aging serum which contains stem cells in it. As you can tell, there's a lot to be excited about at the moment. 

"Beauty is realness and rawness, not perfection!"


Q. What is your skincare routine?

I change my skincare routine regularly, that's part and parcel of being a beauty blogger. I do however always use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I use serums and face oils when necessary and I exfloliate every two weeks.

Q. How do you combat dryness.

When my skin is very dry, I find that a hydrating face oil works best. was concerned about using oil on my skin as I didn't want it to block my pores or make me break out, I have found that my skin feels soft and moisturised and has a healthy glow after using a facial oil.


Q. Why is the balance between health and beauty important for you?

You can have everything in the world but if you do not have your health, then you do not have it all. That's my opinion. I'm not a gym bunny or super strict on myself in terms of diet, I believe in everything in moderation while consistently striving towards improvement. Eat the creamy pasta today, but go for a jog tomorrow. Lie around and binge-watch series today, then go for a walk or eat a salad tomorrow. Balance. I believe if you're healthy and feel good, you'll look good and people will be attracted to your energy. Energy never lies.


When I worked in corporate I felt as though I was starting to lose my passion and creativity. It was also pretty thankless, I would work a full weekend, give up family time and then be told, I can't thank you for doing your job. I remembered that I am the captain of my own ship and I can tolerate the circumstances I'm in, or I can create a life I want to live. The time for change is always now. I started my business to offer myself flexibility, to work on clients that I was passionate about and believed in and to do so on my terms. I now get to work on hair care, skin care, decor, food and digital marketing clients. I also get to write for womens magazines and focus on my blog a little more.


Being a BOSS BABE means standing up for what's right, even if it offends people. I create boundaries to respect myself, not to disrespect another. I believe as women we need to have difficult conversations with ourselves and the more we have them, the easier they become to have. Being a boss babe means taking care of yourself in every way possible so you are bringing your best, happiest, most creative self to the table every, single day. Being a BOSS BABE means you have to be mentally fit too and find strength from within when the going gets tough. People you look up to will doubt you and it will be difficult, because you always have a little bit of doubt yourself. I fake it till I make it and I celebrate my successes on Instagram, that's my personal little time capsule to remind myself that I'm doing great, to keep myself motivated and to inspire other female entrepreneurs to keep working towards their dreams. 

TAMRYN SHER, Owner and creator of IT’S A SHER THING.