Boss Babes: DEITY SKIN


The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions 'vegan skincare' is heaps of plants and decanters full of green goo. Deity Skin, one of South Africa's few vegan skincare lines is here to change that idea forever.

Born out of a passion of herbalism and aromatherapy, we spoke to Deity Skin's founder Ashleigh-Jane to find out more about the clean wellness vibes of her brand.


Hey Kudisco!: How did the idea of Deity Skin come about?

Ashleigh-Jane: At the time of Deity’s conception, I was in Bali, Indonesia. The weather there is very humid and dry and traveling to and from SA played havoc on my skin. I've always been an experimentalist and a true enthusiast for natural remedies and so I began creating my own potions and lotions that would work to calm my skin effected by the vast climate change.

It was only when I was back in Cape Town that I came up with the idea to create products accessible to others who also have sensitive skin. It took two years to create the first four Deity products and the name 'Deity Skin' pays reference to that time when I was in Bali.


That was my Ah-ha! Moment. I came back to Cape Town and started experimenting and creating my own recipes almost immediately with the idea in mind that I would produce something and showcase it to the world. The name Deity pays references to that time I spent ‘finding myself’ overseas.

Hey Kudisco!: Why a vegan beauty line?

Ashleigh-Jane: Choosing to go 100% vegan was a challenge I was up for. I wanted to explore and learn more about herbal remedies and this was a way for me to it. Plants are really fascinating when you get to know them. I’ve completely fallen in love. They offer us so much, even more than what animal by-products and synthetic ingredients can.

Hey Kudisco!: How have people responded so far?

Ashleigh-Jane: Deity is still a small brand, but we’re constantly growing our customer base every day and we’re working on making the range more accessible to people all over South Africa. Right now I’m noticing a lot of repeat customers fulfilling their original orders and buying for friends and family members too. 


Hey Kudisco!: Best boss moment? 

Ashleigh-Jane: Succeeding is definitely the best feeling when you’re your own boss. It takes a lot of work and many hours and a hell of a lot of decision making, but the rewards are worth it. There are days when I have chosen to go to the beach instead of reply to emails, I like to think of them as ‘cheat days’

Hey Kudisco!: What’s been your biggest learning curve so far?

Ashleigh Jane: That I am the only one accountable if something messes up. I found a mistake on one of our product labels after we had just printed 5000 of them! I really wanted to project my anger onto someone else, but there was no one else. 

Hey Kudisco!: How does your personal style affect the brand’s ID?

Ashleigh-Jane: Tom Pepler designed the brand identity and we’ve worked together on it to produce something that’s really unique. I really think he captured my personally in it so well. I guess it helps that I’m marrying him soon!


Hey Kudisco!: What’s the best way to balance creativity and business?

Ashleigh-Jane: Business first - get it out of the way, as efficiently as possible, of course, and you’ll have a clear conscious to explore every realm of your creativity for the rest of the day.

Hey Kudisco!: The best way to balance work and life?

Ashleigh-Jane: I don’t think you can always have a perfect balance. It’s about prioritizing what is most important to you. Work brings in money so that you can enjoy your life. Work isn’t always fun and sometimes you have to spend an entire day catching up on admin and chasing people for replies to your emails.

Hey Kudisco!:Can women have it all or are we chasing an elusive rainbow?

Ashleigh-Jane: Of course we can. Do we want it all? Well, that’s up to us.


Hey Kudisco: Why should we buy Deity?

Ashleigh-Jane: Choose it because it’s local, small-batch and all natural. Buy it because it works. It was made for the most sensitive skin types; dry, oily or acne prone skin will all benefit from it’s gentle, yet effective, balancing formula.

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