Top 4 Tips for better work-life balance.

Image from Stocksy. Image by Alita Ong.

Image from Stocksy. Image by Alita Ong.


How do young career women climb the corporate ladder? Balance of course!

1. Have a great support network: Whether its a nanny, a housekeeper that helps manage the home and the kids, an aupair to make sure that kids homework is done, or a supportive husband who is not only a cheerleader but stands in for those difficult times when career takes center stage. These women that seem to have it all mostly have a supportive extended family, from the brother or sister always willing to babysit, to the grandparents that are always willing to lend a helping hand and of course the friends.


2. Successful women do not attempt to multitask, they do one thing at a time. Focus on that thing and do it to their best of your ability, which means in the office the career takes center stage, in the home the family comes first and most importantly when you need to look after yourself get some downtime for without the guilt, after all as the saying goes you can't help others if you are not OK. Bottom line is that you need to live in the moment.


3. Women that seem to have a work-life balance of sorts tend to surround themselves with like-minded colleagues, friends and mentors, people they can learn from and people that act as a sounding board when it comes to navigating the world.


4. Achieving work-life balance also comes from acknowledging that life is not a race and you are not in competition with anyone. When you acknowledges this, then the pressure lifts from trying to match up to others, allowing you to figure out what you really want out of life. This reduces your stress levels and allows for balance in all aspects. 

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