What-The-What Is Squalane?

"Beautiful skin requires commitment and not a miracle".

From The Ordinary to Skoon Skin Care and Kudu Cosmetics, squalane is the hot new ingredient. Whilst I dislike putting oils on my face because I find them more drying than moisturising, its all about the quality of oil that's more of a determining factor to its effectiveness. 😊😊

There are two types off our, monosaturated and polyunsaturated oils. The easy test to identify them is as follows. If its liquid at room temperature but then start to Harden when chilled. Examples of this are peanut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. Polyunsaturated fats are found in plant and animal foods 🥑🍣. These are usually the 'good' fats that help reduce LDL cholesterol

How do these oils factor in beauty products? Well whilst some polyunsaturated fats such as almond oil and rose-hip oil are traditionally used in beauty products, these kinds of oil can sometimes lead to premature aging of the skin. I learned this when I had to stop using face oil that dried my skin out completely!



So then what's the solution? Squalane oil. This is produced squalene undergoes hydrogenation, (remember the chemistry lesson when a compound changes when hydrogen carbons are added?). So Squalene goes from this C30H50 to this, C30H62. that's about twelve more hydrogen carbons that make the world of difference.

This stuff is naturally produced by our bodies and is also found in plants which is where most of the squalane comes from. As always though, the source of the squalane is super important as is the quality. The source and quality of ingredients is key defining point between an average beauty product and a phenomenal one to be honest! 

The benefits of this stuff include soft supple skin, it is non comedogenic and can soothe conditions such as eczema. But try and find this stuff in the purest form. A source of squalane that worked for me was the squalane serum from Kudu Cosmetics.

I'll be doing a review on a few more Kudu Cosmetics products soon but for now here's a few pointers to help you remember...



1. Polyunsaturated fats are good for the body in small doses but not always great for the skin.

2. Avoid buying products with squalane that have been chemically hydrogenated. The best source of squalane would be from plants. Kudu Cosmetics' squalane for example is sourced from olives.

Love You Lots.



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